HotCal is an online calorie and fitness tracker that helps you keep track of your daily meals and exercise goals. Designed to be fast and easy to use, our tools help you meet your fitness goals without the hassles of many other online calorie calculators. Best of all, HotCal is 100% free.

Set Goals and track your progress using interactive charts and graphs.



Meal entry is quick and simple with the Food Diary. Search the database, choose from your recently entered foods or favorites, add a new food - even use one of our many restaurant calorie calculators - all without leaving your food diary page. No more clicking through 5 or more pages just to add a single entry.


The easy to use Exercise Diary helps you keep track of your favorite exercise routines. Calculate the calories burned with each cardio or strength workout. Measure your progress in your strength-training program with just a few clicks.


We strive to give you an annoyance-free experience. No pop-up windows, no "special offers," no spam emails. (We hate spam as much as you do.) You'll never receive an unsolicitied email as a result of joining hotcal.com. In fact, you don't even need to tell us your email address.


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